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Mama Cat Runs Into Burning Barn to Save Kittens, Suffers Severe Burns, Saves One Baby Cat

A mother’s instinct led her to run into a burning barn to save her babies this summer. But that mother was a cat.

After a barn caught fire in Edmonton, Canada, mid-July, a semi-feral female cat bravely entered the blaze, where their food was kept, to rescue her kittens.

The cat suffered severe burns on her paws, tummy, face, and fur. Miraculously, she made it out alive.

Sadly, only one of her four kittens survived.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Furget Me Not Animal Rescue)

The pair were brought to no-kill cat rescue Furget Me Not. And although they were brimming over capacity with unwanted animals, they made an exception for the mama—who the shelter says has been “suffering unimaginably”—and her kitten.

“When there’s emergency situations like that, no matter how full we are, I always do my best and my fosters are so wonderful we kind of figure it out as we go, we just can’t let cats like that suffer,” Christine Koltun with Furget Me Not told 660 News.

As the mom was in need of medical care, she was separated from her baby, though her kitten was kept in close proximity should she go looking.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Furget Me Not Animal Rescue)

The rescue hailed the brave mama for her heroism.

“This beautiful mama is a hero,” they posted on their Facebook page. “When the barn she called home caught fire, she repeatedly went back into the flames [to] try to save her babies.

“Mommy is semi-feral, so rescue mommy sure has her work cut out for her, but kitties like this are exactly why we do the work we do.”

Although the shelter has seen a dramatic uptick in adoptions during the pandemic, there have been even more pet owners surrendering their animals, for the cost of keeping them has been too high, the shelter told the news outlet.

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Furget Me Not Animal Rescue)

Meanwhile, they’ve seen people who didn’t have their animals fixed because subsidized spay/neuter programs weren’t up and running.

Theirs and other shelters are full, and they’re searching for potential pet owners to come forward.

Christine added: “If you’re thinking about fostering for a rescue, now’s the time, if you’re thinking about adopting a pet, we know that it’s exciting, things are reopening and we can travel again, but the rescues really are full, and these animals keep coming in.”

(Courtesy of Furget Me Not Animal Rescue)

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