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Portraits of Kabul: Crowded Hangars, Desperate Masses, Swarmed Barricades, A City in Chaos

Less than a week has passed since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan following the U.S. withdrawal, and the emerging portrait is anything but peaceful.

From hungry families sleeping on concrete to airport hangars filled at max capacity to desperate Afghans swarming the barricades, Kabul has descended into a warzone in the ashes of what once was and will never come to be. The images below paint a portrait of what’s unfolding.

Kabul Airport tonight

— Yalda Hakim (@BBCYaldaHakim) August 18, 2021

This is what it looks like at the air base in Doha right now. There are limited cots. The only food available is MRE’s. And more people are coming. #Afghanistan #qatar #KabulAirlift #Kabul

— Ruffini (@EenaRuffini) August 18, 2021

Here is what it looks like at the East Gate of #HKIA today… from a green card holder trying to get in:

— Ruffini (@EenaRuffini) August 18, 2021

#Kabul Airport today #Afghanistan

— Yalda Hakim (@BBCYaldaHakim) August 18, 2021

More via @alanacbs from Americans on the ground trying to get into #hkia

— Ruffini (@EenaRuffini) August 18, 2021

Breaking: British Para Troops Are Running Vehicle Patrols Through Center of Kabul to Extract Trapped UK Citizens — While Biden Abandons Trapped Americans

— BIDEN Disaster Coverage. Foreign Policy Disaster. (@RaptorsUniverse) August 19, 2021

Look at this photo of a bloody child, as the Taliban whips people with chains outside the Kabul airport & tell me Biden is not the most heartless, awful man in America. 📸 @yamphoto

— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) August 18, 2021

CBS This Morning provided an in-depth report on the desperation of those seeking entrance into the airport:

Many people in Afghanistan remain in hiding or on the run, and a NATO official says a stampede at Kabul’s airport this morning injured at least 17 people.@RoxanaSaberi and her @CBSNews team traveled with one group of refugees on an overnight flight out of the country.

— CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) August 18, 2021

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